Wedding Officiants - Wedding Format - West New York, NJ
Wedding Ceremony Format
This is a general guideline of a typical wedding ceremony, your Wedding  Officiant can help you to decide which parts you would include in your special day.    
  1. Pre-Ceremony:  Wedding Music,10 to 15 minutes before the Bride enters.
    • The Bride & Groom’s appointed friends or Ushers will greet each guest as they arrive and should escort them to their places (may offer females their right arm, the male guests follow behind them). 
    • The Bride’s family and friends may be seated on the left and the Groom’s family and friends on the right when facing the stage.
    • Groom’s then Bride's Mothers enter (and are seated) just before the processional.
  2. Processional (Music may be different for the Bridal Party and the Bride):
    • Officiant, Groom, Best Man and sometimes Groomsmen enter from the side.
    • The Groomsmen can also walk down by themselves or accompany a Bridesmaid.
    • The Maid of Honor is next followed by the Ring Bearer and the Flower Girl.
    • The Bride will be the last to enter escorted by her Father (or parents).
  3. Ceremony:
  4. Recessional:  (Music), guests may throw bird’s seed, bubbles, butterflies, dove release, or flower petals (check with your venue if allowed).
    • Bride and Groom walk down the aisle, to exit together arm in arm. 
    • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer follow five steps behind them and exit. 
    • Maid of Honor and Best Man follow five steps behind them and exit. 
    • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen do the same as above. 
    • Next Mother and Father of the Bride. 
    • Then Mother and Father of the Groom. 
    • Followed by the Grandparents. 
  5. Receiving Line:  Bride and Groom, Parents, and Bridal Party will greet the guests as they leave the ceremony first time officially as husband and wife.
Typical wedding standings when facing the stage:
Maid of Honor---------------------Best Man
Bride’s family -----------------------------------------------Groom’s family
Bride’s friends -----------------------------------------------Groom’s friends