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Wedding Reception Format

The format below is recommended for most Wedding Day activities, it can be altered in any way to fit your requirements. Your Wedding Coordinator will help plan and control your wedding day and also may coordinate all activities with the other Vendors so you can enjoy your Celebration.

1. Receiving Line (if not done at the ceremony) & Cocktail hour /Social Period.
2. Seating of guests.
3. Introduction of Bridal Party (allow 30 seconds in between each couple)
-Enter Parents of the bride.
-Parents of the groom.
-Bridesmaids and groomsmen.
-Best man and maid of honor.
-Ring bearer and flower girl.
-Bride and Groom.
4. Toasts
5. Meal time / Table pictures/ Speeches/ Well wishes /Poetry reading (60-90 minutes)
6. First Dance: Bride and Groom. Parents may join this song.
7. Second Dance: Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance or may be separated song.
8. Third Dance: Bridal Party
9. Open Dancing: (30-45 minute)
10. Cake Cutting.
11. Throwing Bouquet and Garter: Done while cake is being cut and served for Guests
12. Open Dancing: Persons who caught the Bouquet/Garter will start dancing.
13. Wedding Games / Money Dance.
14. Thank you from Bride and Groom
15. Last Dance: This is dedicated to Bride/Groom. They will start the dance, and then all remaining Guests will be asked to join          hands and form a circle around Bride/Groom.

If you want a fun atmosphere, let your bridal couples dance into the reception or choreograph their own entrance. Generally, the bridal party walks into one song while another is played to welcome in the newlyweds.

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